How to change your name legally in India?

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Have you ever experienced any problem that caused due to your name means wrong spelt or difference in surnames? In India, there are certain documents that considered as the authentic proofs of your identity. Therefore having the correct name imprinted on all the important documents is highly essential. It has noticed that people while changing their names on the documents face a lot of issues and problems. Mostly it happens due to lack of knowledge and accurate guidance. Being a lawyer, I tell you the procedures and methods that surely help you to change your name legally in India.

Whenever you want to change your name, just follow the below mentioned points:

Affidavit: First and foremost thing you need to go is to go to the nearby notary and make an affidavit about the change of your name. In your affidavit, you need to give a valid and specific reason behind the name change. There are many reasons due to which people change their names such as after marriage (especially women) and astrological or numerological reasons. On the other hand, it has also noticed that some people even change their names to their nick names thinking it brings good in their life and some add some letters in their exiting name to bring luck.

Here is the affidavit that can be used for your name change, no matter if you are looking to change the first or the last name or the complete name (for example – Mohan Gupta to Mukesh Agarwal).

Publish an ad in newspaper with given format

I, Sri ___________________ (old name) have changed my name from __________________ (old name) to ______________ (new name) by affidavit sworn before the Notary Public, ______________ (place) on ___________ (date). Henceforth, I shall be known as _________________ (New Name) for all purposes. ______________ (Name) and _______________ (Complete postal address).

Full Signature

You need to fill the blank space correctly and then give the same to newspaper publication.

Tips: You need to publish the ad at least in two local newspapers. Generally, you have been asked to produce one copy of your published ad in the newspaper, still it is always good to have 10 copies of the same for future purposes. Don’t forget to keep your original copy of ad at a safe place.

Gazette Notification
To publish your name in the Official Gazette of your State, you have to follow the given steps:

  • First, you need to go to your local Government Press or the department which looks after the Gazette notification.
  • Now, collect two copies of ‘Deed Changing Surname Form’ and fill it carefully with all necessary and valid details.
  • Go and take the contact number of the authorized person of the department and seek the help for the Gazette notification.

For the verification purpose, you have to send certain documents to the Secretary, Department of Commerce & Transport (Commerce), _________________ (State) with a request letter to change your name officially.

Documents that need to send are:

  • Deed Changing Surname Form
  • Two copies of the ad published in the newspaper
  • Duly attested copy of the affidavit that have been made for name change
  • Printout of the matter that you have to publish in your official Gazette
  • Copy of your recent identity proof such as Voter card, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Birth Certificate and Driving license

You need to send all the above mentioned documents in a A4 size envelope to the Secretary, Department of Commerce & Transport (Commerce), _________________ (State).

Once again don’t forget to keep the photocopies of all the documents and forms at a safe place for future reference.

Once the verification done, you will receive the reply with seven days from Secretary, Department of Commerce & Transport (Commerce), _________________ (State).

Now with the two to three copies of the reply letter from Secretary, Department of Commerce and Transport and go to the Govt. Press or the department that looks after the Gazette Notification once again and follow the below mentioned directions.

You need to produce the reply letter at the front of them and then they will verify the same with the order that got from the Secretariat of your State.

Now, make the payment of the publication. The amount for the same may be varied as per your requirements. If you go for the extraordinary kind of publication then you need to wait for at least a week or two to receive the copies of the same.

Note: With the publication of your statement in the Official Gazette, the entire process of your name change will be finished. So, you are now officially free to be called from your new name.

Advice: Don’t forget to take the printout of the Gazette Notification and keep the same carefully at the safe place.

Now, once again note down the all documents that need to be have during the entire process:

  • Name Change Affidavit
  • Newspaper Publication
  • Name Change Deed
  • Request letter to the Secretariat
  • Name Change Statement
  • Reply Letter from the Secretariat
  • Publication Money Receipt
  • Gazette Notification
We expedite the name change process uder the legal obligations, we don't have any relation with any of the Govt./Non Govt organization. We prepare the documents under the supervision of Advocate Nagender Yadav.

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