How to change your last name after marriage in India?

Follow the underneath given directions to alter your last name after marriage in India:

  1. According to the tradition in country like India, after marriage, the woman’s name got changed from her last name of father’s name to her husband’s name. Although it is not obligatory, most of the women do it and in order to get it appropriate, the changed name wants to be recognized in all her records afterwards. To make it lot more easier, one just has to pursue a few easy steps and the procedure would be trouble-free to get the name transformed in all the essential documents.

  2. The first and leading step that is mandatory is to attain a marriage certificate. Now, this alters in each state all over the country and you have to track the official procedure according to the state you exist in. The certificate would be acquired anywhere between seven days to three months from applying.

  3. Once you get the marriage certificate is achieved, then you have to apply for a proper name change at the main office of the State Government Gazette. They would comprise your name change and formulate it authorized through announcements via local newspapers. A copy of this commercial could serve as a officially permitted document for a name change.

  4. Instead, if you do not desire to follow this procedure, a Joint notarized affidavit from a public legal representative would be sufficient for the reason. Once this is all done, then with these valid documents you require to make the essential changes in your other related documents which involve PAN Card, Bank Documents, Passport, Driving license, Loans, Insurance and so on.

  5. Also make compulsory information’s at the Local metropolis ability, inhabited society, children’s school and other places that desires to be updated.

  6. Although it is not obligatory to alter names after marriage, if you have decided to change names, then getting is consistently done in all records is the paramount way to evade potential troubles.

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